Yarn Day!

Saturday, three of my friends who also knit are coming to Memphis so we can hit all the major yarn stores and have a day of knitting and chatting: good yarns, good food, good friends, good times. I’m excited! Even better, it’s the day after payday and I’ll have a few extra dollars for yarnage. :slight_smile:

I’ll be spending the day doing some of my favorite stuff with some of my favorite people. Can’t beat that!

Sounds like heaven!

Yay–that’s just AWESOME!!! :cheering: Have lots of fun!!!

Lucky you! I wish I had friends that knit.

One of these people happens to be my best friend, Hillary. We share a brain. We (independently) taught ourselves to knit at about the same time and we’ve been encouraging each other’s addictions ever since.

Sounds like fun! Take lots of pictures :cheering:

And don’t forget to share pics of what you bought!!!

We had our yarn day today! It was so much fun. We only actually got to make it to one of the four area yarn stores, but we made much of our time there. I will post pictures as soon as I’m over being too lazy to pull them off the camera and resize them.

We had so much fun. And! I made a convert. My friend Leslie bought her very own set of Denise needles today. (Along with a minor buttload of yarn.) We also did a yarn swap, each bringing different yarns to the table and everybody left happily with something new.

It was just such a fantastic day. :happydance:

We also sat out front of the Olive Garden knitting while waiting for our buzzer to go off. Got some funny looks, but hey, their loss, yeah?

Hope you had a great day. I love those kinda days. :heart:

Pictures! A small photo montage of our day.

That looks like so much fun! I told my sister about your yarn day and she said that if I ever do something like that I’m not her sister :roflhard: Oh well, her loss; right?

Totally her loss! We had such a fantastic time. The living room looked for a little while as though Hobby Lobby exploded in there, but we all left with new yarn and a lot of happiness. Everybody needs a yarn day! :slight_smile: