Yarn critique -handpaintedyarn.com

I love everything I got. The colors are unique and breathtaking. The yarn as a whole is soft and wonderful.

However, of the three different types I got to try, I definitely like the bulky merino the best. It approximates the softness of the malabringo in the stores. It is fabulous, and I think 165 yards, 100 grams for 7.50 (I think thats the price) is a great buy for such a lovely yarn.

The super bulky stuff is fun and fabulous, but honestly I dont see ever using it for much other than a scarf or hat. It is hugely chunky. 65 yards per hank. I am not even sure what size needles to start to try. Will keep you updated.

The other, the other one is just plain bulky wool - it isn’t quite as soft as the merino, but it isnt as harsh as a worsted. It is 135 yards for 6.20. Also not a bad price for the unique look.

While I love what I bought, and will buy more in the future, the only downside is that the orders take a bit longer than, say, Knit Picks or Elanns. We get spoiled by that immediate gratification. As long as you don’t need the yarn by, say, next weekend, you should be ok ordering from there. I would say it was maybe 2 or three weeks at most. When they first opened their website, it was much worse than that according to the boards.

Buy on!

amen - I just got my order too (my lace-rib scarf yarn is from them)!

two thumbs up!

I just placed an order with them! I had never seen this site before. It’s all so pretty…