Yarn conversion?

I have an afghan pattern that calls for bulky weight 185yd/6oz yarn, 6 skeins needed. It LOOKS like a lighter weight yarn, which is what I want to use. I have found the type yarn but need to know how much to get! I’m not an avid knitter so this stumps me. I realize we are not supposed to change types of yarns but I want to! :smile: The yarn I’d like to use is 25gr/164yds. Can someone tell me how many skeins I would need? Thanks so much.
Other info is size 13 knitting needle…which is what I’d like to use.

Welcome to KH. What pattern do you have in mind (a link if possible is very helpful)? What yarn does it specify and what yarn do you want to use? Someone should be able to help you figure it out fairly easily, but it probably won’t be me. I’d be asking the same question.

Thanks GrumpyGramma for your post! I appreciate it.

This will give you the specifics for the afghan. If this is wayyyy out of the realm of possible, let me know! I don’t want a heavy afghan. I’d just like to know how many skeins of yarn I need to get to make the afghan this size. :slight_smile:
I’d like to use larger needles than 4. 13 is the suggested size with the original yarn. Needle size suggestions are good, too! Hope this all helps.

I’d like to use Berroco Andean Mist yarn:
Yarn Weight:Lace Blend:74% Alpaca 26% Silk Needles:4.00mm-4.00mm Ball Weight:25g Yarn Length:150m (164 yds) Gauge:22-16 stitches, 28-22 rows to 10cm

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
This is quite a stretch and it’s going to be difficult to adjust the pattern and estimate yardage. If you’re determined to do it, buy a skein of the Berroco yarn and knit a swatch. That’ll give you an idea of what the yarn looks like on your needles and an idea of how much the pattern should be changed to accommodate the thinner yarn. You’ll also be able to try different needle sizes and see which knit fabric you prefer.
I would recommend looking for another pattern suitable for DK weight yarn like Andean Mist and saving the Homespun stripes afghan pattern for use with a bulky yarn.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will look for a pattern for the type of yarn I want to use! :blush:

I did a quick search on Ravelry for blankets in lace weight yarn. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#weight=thread&craft=knitting&pc=blanket&sort=created&view=captioned_thumbs You’re a much braver soul than I am, I would use worsted weight or thicker for a blanket.