Yarn conversion, I think?

I’m sure this is somewhere on the boards, but I feel like shmuck today and am not up to ‘surfing’, sorry. :frowning:

But, my question is this, ugh, I can’t even type, sorry, ummm, okay, I am making an afghan and the original yarn they called for was a wool/silk combo, and I’m using acrylic. How do I go about finding the trick to figuring out the “difference” in the amount of yarn to use? The lady at the yarn store did it and it didn’t dawn on me to ask what she was doing. :doh:

I did ask about this in another post, but no one answered. So I thought I’d try it all on its own.

The original yarn was 1.76 oz, approx 192 yds. And 4-5 skeins of all 4 colors. Mine is 3.5 oz, approx 164 yds.

Is that enough info??? Thank you to whomever answers my call.

I’m sorry you never got a reply to your earlier post!!! I can’t remember the last time some had a questions and SOMEONE couldn’t answer it!!

I’m moving this to the how-to forum, so other can find the directions for the math.

Did you need 4 or 5 skeins of EACH of the colors???

Yes, there are 4 colors and one color calls for 4 skeins and the other 3 colors call for 5 skeins each. A total of 19. But if I’m using different yarn, thicker wouldn’t that mean I need less?

Does that make sense?

Okay i just needed to know how many balls of yarn total you need.

It’s not the thickness that makes the most difference it’s the yardage. In the original yarn, you need 19 balls of yarn that’s 192 yards each… that equals 3648 yards of yarn. If you buy 19 balls of the other yarn, you’d only have 3116 yards… that’s 532 yards less, or almost 2 and 3/4ths of a ball of yarn!!! You need to buy 23 balls of the “new” yarn.

The thickness may effect the gauge or the “drape” of the fabric… but just because they yarns are different “weights” per ball of yarn doesn’t mean they are different thicknesses… check and see are they fingering, dk, worsted, etc… if one is fingering and one is bulky that might not be a good switch. But if they are close you can probablly substitute… IF you get the right yardage.

Thank you so much Hilde, you don’t know how much help you’ve been. :sunny: