Yarn Control


I’m trying to learn to knit (English style) but find it really difficult to control the yarn. When I try and wrap it round my fingers it just seems to slide off again. Any tips on how I can keep it under control? :frog:


I just recently changed how I hold my yarn for English knitting and it does include wrapping the yarn around my pinky.

I put the yarn inbetween my pinky and 4th finger so the part of the yarn going to the knitting is on top and the part going to the ball of yarn is underneath my hand. Then I hold the yarn with my thumb pressed to the very base of my pinky and wrap the yarn over the top of my pinky and put my index finger underneath the yarn close to the needle.

When I knit I keep my pinky finger close to the 4th finger to keep the tenison on the yarn and I keep my pinky finger bent and the yarn usually rides up by the bent knuckle. It took me a while to get used to it but after practice it all works out now.

Good luck!

I don’t wrap the yarn around any fingers, I weave it through them. Over index, under middle, over ring and under the little one. The closer to the hand the tighter the tension, plus curling the fingers controls it too.


I weave and wrap around the little finger. It gives me very good control but I wind up knitting a little tightly.

This is how I knit also.