Yarn Comparison

I am wondering if there is much of a difference between Red Heart’s Baby Clouds and Knit Picks Crayon. I know the sites say RH is a bulky and KP is a DK but I am not sure if that is just based on what they think the best needles are for the yarns or if there is a real difference in thickness.

Have any of y’all used either (or better yet both?)

OOOh and the other question would be, are either of them real… Shed-y?

Some of the yarns that KPs classifies as DK might actually be used as a worsted, but if the baby clouds is Bulky, that means it knits up much thicker than DK or even Worsted and would actually be thicker.


The Baby clouds is bulky. I think that I used 10’s when I used it if I remember right. Although I would not recommend it. That stuff was all right during the knitting process but the second I washed it, it turned icky plasticy feeling. And the puffiness goes away pretty fast.

Thank ya ma’am…just trying to figure out if i had to double strand crayon if i decided to use it to replace the clouds stuff…just can’t decide if i REALLY want to deal with any yarn of that flavor at all…

shakes fist at all the friends having babies right now! (i can do that safely because none of them come here…lol)

You could double strand the crayon, though you might want to use size 11s if you do. When you double the yarn, you should double the needle size in mms too.


I just did a double stranded swatch of KP Crayon on size 10.5 needles. I thought it came out really nice. I had bought a couple skeins of Crayon several months ago to try it out for something and I thought it knitted too “floppy” single stranded for lack of a better word. It is definately DK weight. But then I was looking at a pattern that called for Manos Cotton Stria at 8 something a skein and realized it was the same weight as the crayon. Crayon is a bit fluffier. So I did a swatch and ordered some yarn and will be using it to make a soft striped cotton cardigan for my 7 year old. One tip though, my swatch shrunk an inch lengthwise in the wash and dryer, so knit and inch or so longer with this yarn.

I’m not familiar with the Baby clouds.

If it shrinks an inch over 4 inches, then maybe it should be knit several inches longer…


Good point. My swatch was 7 inches and shrunk to 6. No change in the width.