Yarn.com anniversary sale

They keep sending me emails about their yarn etc sale…


They have good house yarns and good deals on other name yarns. Though I haven’t bought anything from them yet…

Me neither…dunno why I gave them my email address. lol

So you can get on their mailing list and drool over the yarns and sale prices… :wink:

So masochism, then. lol

I have them as well as some other yarn pages on Facebook and I’m always seeing ads! I got 10 skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic (random colors) for $25! That might not sound good, but when you consider that each skein in most LYS costs about $6… you can see the deal I got!


[B][COLOR=Blue]$35.00 savings![/COLOR][/B][/COLOR] Woooo! :lol:

So what I’m saying is if you are on FB, too… look for their page! As well as others. :thumbsup:

Smokin’ hot deal!

Umm, Jan. Don’t you mean $35.00? :??

Still a good deal!


True, at $25 off, that’s more than 50%.

Ooops… :doh: BTW…I tried to fix it and accidentally clicked on your post so it might say I edited it…I did not. I only changed my post. :wink:

I click on edit by mistake sometimes. Easy to do.

I’ve ordered from them and have been very happy. I love the yarns they carry from Valley Yarns. Nice selection and price range. Pretty fast shipping too…

Good to hear. If only they had a “spend $50 and get free shipping” like KP. lol

BTW, do you know about elann.com? They’re up in your neck of the woods, have very nice house yarns and good discounts on ‘luxury’ type yarns. Shipping is very reasonable, and they have free patterns too. You have to sign up to access the patterns, but don’t need to subscribe to their newsletters which are once or twice a month and they don’t harrass you with mail.

I’ll check that out! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! I forgot about elann.com. They are fabulous!

They have Cascade 220 on sale right now in an unbelievable number of colors for 4.99 a 100g skein. I am having to restrain myself as I just did another order elsewhere. Then I just got Patternworks new catalog with free shipping on orders over $40. I really am having a problem with restraining myself but I am in the middle of three projects and have enough stash to last a year. The question is - how do I do that?! I have no will power.