Yarn color?

I have had this yarn in my stash for a while. It’s Softee Baby by Bernat. The color is a light blue, and it says “no dye lot,” but I was wondering about the variation of the colors anyway. The yarn’s label has “color: 202002” on it, and then “2020 04” typed/stamped on it next to the color number. Do you think it will be a hard match getting the same color for this yarn?

I recall getting a white of the same brand/type not too long ago, and there were several balls with a slight purple hue to them. I picked the one that was white. Doesn’t “no dye lot” mean that it’s safe to buy another other ball of yarn the same color?

Help please!

Yep, you should be able to pick up more no prob. I’m using the exact same yarn for the afghan on the front of cables untangled, and I’ve had to go pick up more 3 times now haha.

Same experience here. Some of my skeins end in 05, some in 05 06 and some in 06! I’ve knit them into a blanket with no variations in color.

I assume there is more “science” than “art” involved with acrylic yarns. It’s not like the hand dyed yarns, dyed in small batches, that absorb at different rates or have a more human factor involved.

Maybe the color variations were the result of lighting or a ball that was wound more tightly/loosely or in a different direction.

I would bring it with you for comparison if you buy more. I got scr*wed with “No Dye Lot” this summer when I knit my son a blanket. It is so obvious where I change from the skein that came from one store to the skein that I bought after the fact.

You still have to be careful with no dye lots. I am knitting a peach cardigan to go with the shell I knitted and had 3 skeins leftover. It wasn’t enough for my sweater so I ordered more and they came day before yesterday and 3 are the same as what I have and the other two have a much more pinky salmon look to them!