Yarn Choices

ok i just got done looking thro Ralvery about this sweater im going to be doing with recomended yarn being Berroco Peruvia Quick, and am finding not too many people like it. They are saying its too rough and too hot. They are using Peruvia or Vintage held double. Ive knit a sweater using Vintage… do any of you have experiance with Peruvia, or Peruvia Quick?

This is a gift. If I use a yarn that has to be held double…thats double the money…not wanting to break the bank on this. May have to sub to something else cheaper.

So between…
Peruvia Quick,
Something else comparable?

What is yalls opinion?

Thank you

P.S. The wife of the indended wearer (My BIL)hand washes EVERYTHING its just sicking really…LOL
My point is…this sweater will be well taken care of.

I read the Berroco website. The 100% wool Peruvia states “ideal for felting,” which is code for will shrink & mat unless washed very gently. So unless this gift is for another knitter who knows how to handle wool, I’d shy away from that.

If you want 100% wool I’d look for a superwash yarn. Not that it won’t shrink. Just that it can handle more wear & tear before it does. Or go with the Vintage that is a acrylic/wool blend.