Yarn Choice

I want to make my daughter a hoodie with a front pocket. Something like the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern #232. I would like to use a fuzzy yarn to make this. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. Would anyone here have a suggestion on a good yarn to use?

Thanks so much!

I changed the title to say “yarn choice” instead of “thread choice”. The word thread might be confusing since what you’re looking for is yarn. :thumbsup:

There are a million (give or take) choices for worsted weight yarn. Start narrowing down what you want. Solid or multicolor? Wool, acrylic, cotton or a blend? Washable or do you mind hand washing? Do you have access to a LYS or do you shop in craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann? It’ll help us to give you ideas if we know more.

Also…are you on Ravelry? There are 11 pages of that particular sweater knit in various yarns and styles. :wink:

Well, my little girl has requested ‘purple’.:slight_smile: I guess I would like to have a machine wash but to get the look I want I wouldn’t be opposed to hand washing. I live in a big city so I have LYS and the chains too. I have also ordered yarn off of ebay if I couldn’t get what I wanted locally. I’ll check ‘Ravel’ out to get some ideas. Thanks!