Yarn choice for Knitty "Brown Bag"

I saw Knitty’s lunch bag and thought it was a clever solution to the disappearing lunch bags at my house too! :teehee:

Maybe I’m being kind of a cheapskate, but the yarn cost at around $14 seems kind of pricey to me. Yes, I realize it will be used over and over again, but lunch bags are pretty cheap (just usually something I forget to buy at the store while I’m there!), and I can’t see it paying for itself unless it were to last through a ton of lunches. I’d need to make two of these, and at almost $30…well, I was hoping to keep the project cost a bit lower.

The pattern calls for Cascade 128, which is a chunky yarn (3 sts / 1" on size 10½ [6.5mm] needles). Is there a cheaper wool yarn I can use for this that anybody knows of that would be a good substitute?

WOTA (Wool of the Andies) from Knit Picks is 100% peruvian wool and comes in chunky weight now…It would be MUCH cheaper…

The knitpicks bulky yarns are that gauge. You could also check out what’s on sale over at Elann through their yarn search engine.

You could probably use a cheap worsted and double strand it to get gauge/sturdiness… :shrug:

i used WOTA. it says gauge doesn’t matter on the pattern… i think i saw that!