Yarn Cellar - Brendajos, Amber, & Snowbear

I didn’t want to hijack the other thread, but felt I should explain that I don’t really have a yarn cellar, although I would love one! I have attached a photo so you can see the corner I call my yarn cellar.

What I really have is an old upright grand piano that will someday be gutted and turned into a desk. It was taking up space and I decided I would make better use of it for now. The area where the keyboard is will be taken out and become the desk top and the entire inside of the piano will have cubbyholes and shelves added. I guess it will be my yarn desk then.

This corner sort of morphed into being called my yarn cellar when I bought wooden cubes designed for wine cellars and wooden drawers (there under the piano) made for holding bottles of wine, and used them to hold yarn or basically to build my “yarn cellar”.

I sometimes forget how much yarn is there, because some of the yarns are 2 to 4 skeins deep, depending on the kind and size of the yarn skeins. I would love a more designer look in colors and such when arranging the yarns, but have opted instead for stacking the yarns back to front that are the same so that I can see more readily what variety I have available.

The nearest LYS is about a 5 hour round trip from me. The nearest big box store is a 3 hour round trip, so I’m about the closest thing to a yarn store in the area :rofl: Friends have been known to shop here.

My daughters both knit and they shop my yarn cellar :wink:

What you don’t see in the photo are the big boxes of sweaters that are waiting to be reclaimed. We also look through those when we are deciding on yarn for a project. My current project uses a angora/silk yarn from my sweater bins. One of the softest yarns I have knit with!

I felt it was appropriate to put my pinnochio puppet with the yarns, after all, he has strings!

Mama Bear

you didn’t mention the skunks that dad insisted belonged in your yarn stash! :teehee:

Well, there are only two at the moment! Can you see them? Never telling when he will sneak another one in!

Mama Bear

Holy buckets that’s a lot of yarn! I have to show this to my husband. :teehee:

Oh how lovely what a great idea. All so neat :notworthy: unlike mine :oops:

:hug: Sharon

:cheering: I like how you can see it all… thats one thing I hate about having it in storage boxes its not out where I can see it :rofl:


I love, love, love the idea of turning the piano into a desk :heart:
Okay, is there a skunk?! Cause I don’t see it, it’s like finding Waldo…I can’t find it, LOL! I see your pinnochio, but no skunk!!
Oh, I’ll be over to do some shopping later in the week :roflhard: :rofl:

I’ll visit with Becka; what hours are you open? :teehee:

Come on what are your opening hours???
:teehee: :teehee:

Is there a skunk??? :shrug: :??

:hug: Sharon


Wow! Okay, it may not be a full cellar, but I’m still not sure I’d want to leave home if I had that much beautfiful yarn taking up a corner of my house! I think I’d spend a lot of time just sitting there gazing lovingly at it all! :inlove:

And, I don’t see the skunks either! Where are they?? Give us a hint!

immmmmpressive!!! color me jealous! :wink:

Hours of operation :teehee: I’m not an early morning person! You are more likely to find me open at midnight than at 8am. That’s what I love about having yarn available.

Really… it’s an investment. Yeah… really! :whistle: At least that’s what I tell myself. Plus there are three knitters here! Most of the yarn was bought on sale, from someone doing a stash reduction, a great deal on ebay, elann, or is from recycled sweaters. If I sold it all on ebay, I should be able to actually make a profit!

There are other GOOD reasons to having this much yarn. :thinking: When forest fires are in the area, I do mention to my husband that this much wool should help protect the house from burning!

I did mention that if I took my bags of sweaters to recyled, took them apart, put them together patchwork, that maybe I could make a cabin cozy. You know, like a tea cozy, only you put it over the entire cabin to keep the place from burning if the forest fire cam through. :rofl: Ok… I don’t really have THAT many sweaters. I would have to go shopping!!

Before you show your husbands my yarn cellar, you should know this came at a price. My husband is into snowcats. When he bought the first 2 (one that runs and one to restore) the deal was I was supposed to get enough yarn to fill them.

He didn’t realize that I could easily spend more on yarn to fill one than he paid for them! I mean… cashmere, quivet… However, he knows what a bargain hunter I am, so he really didn’t worry.

Not only do I not have enough to fill the two snowcats, he bought another, because of course if the first one breaks down way up in the snow, how do you get it home without another snowcat to go get it? (You can see where I learned to justify things). But more so… he also bought a 24 foot covered trailer full of parts to restore the first one. So now I’m behind on the game! Just think what it will take to buy enough yarn to fill that 24 foot trailer! :shock:

As for the skunks… there is a long history as to why he hides skunks in my things. I have attached a close up photo of the area where the skunks are, can you see them now?

Mama Bear

Oh I still can’t see them and I had my glasses on :shrug:

I think you should be out buying the yarn to make up for the extra snowcat and trailer etc etc :teehee:
At least get on ebay and start bidding :teehee:

I have studied and studied that photo and the skunks are a mystery to me could you take a shot closer :oops:

:muah: Sharon

I only see one skunk! :pout:

:roflhard: Thats one more than me :?? :shrug:

Wow! What an amazing place for a yarn stash…so neatly organized! I have a small cabinet that I use for my yarn that if you don’t close it in a hurry after getting out your yarn, you’ll have yarn tumbling down on you, hitting you in the head! :rofl: (I seriously need a bigger place to store my stuff)

:thud: omgosh!!! thats a whole lotta yarn you got there!!! and yeah i see one skunk too! :P…i love the way you have it all organized :slight_smile:

Ok- that’s it… ( packing up apartment and moving close the the other bear… if her hubby has snowcats…they ought to let a snowbear live close…)

I love IT!!! :heart:

It is awesome! :passedout:

and I can just see one skunk… ( putting her blog on my favorites lists)

Ok… now where exactly do you live & are there any single men your way that thinks like your hubby? lol


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Snowbear you are cracking me up!!! :teehee:

:hug: Sharon

PS I still cant see the Skunk :pout: