Yarn button?

Ok, Ok, those dang little sandal/booties are finished! Thanks to seeral of you gals!!

I have just come back from the fabric store, and the small buttons with a shank are too large. I thought perhaps someone here might know how to “make” a yarn button: crochet?loopie thing? something round and knobby? The booties are for newborn so the little button needs to be little AND have a shank–difficult to find.

Thank you again.:muah:

You don’t have to buy shank buttons. You can create them if you have flats that you prefer. Article here.

Some more info here.

BTW, I rarely am able to find shank buttons for my projects and opt for making my own with the above method. I just make the shank the depth I need for the fabric using crochet hook handle, needle, toothpick, etc.