Yarn bowl

Has anyone ever used a yarn bowl before? If so, was it worth the money?


Having your yarn in a nice smooth/non-stick surface is great! But, I have accomplished this with regular cereal bowls, tupperware containers and plastic bags. Whether or not you want to invest in a decorative bowl specifically designed for this purpose, is up to you.

Several great threads on ravelry re: “yarn bowls” with photos, links and substitutes.


My husband had made a few, but I found I prefer just keeping the yarn next to me between my leg and the arm of the couch or coming from my yarn bag. I nearly always use a center pull ball so my yarn doesn’t roll all over anyway.

I love mine for the combination of decoration and function. My LYS sells large ones and small ones for the same price. Even my cakes of yarn run all over the floor when I knit and my dogs would chase it.:!!!: They aren’t too sure they like the yarn bowl, so its a perfect solution for me. :teehee:

That said, my first yarn bowl was one of my kitchen prep bowls with a binder clip on it to run the yarn through. Worked like a charm for knitting, but I needed my bowl back in the kitchen where it belonged, and the dogs weren’t scared of it. :sad:

One of my faves for yarn is a plastic coffee can, I happen to have an empty one from Folgers can that I’m using now but I’m not really brand specific. I’ve used Maxwell House empties also and they work just as well. I’ll have to try Charlotte’s binder clip idea. For sox I tend to use a plastic bag from the store and hold it on my lap. I knit sox 2@ time and will have the yarn run through the handle holes on the bag to help minimize tangling. I learned that here. I’d love to have a beautiful yarn bowl but somehow prefer spending the money on yarn. :teehee:

I have several buckets that I bought from the Target Dollar Spot. (I thought they only had two left, so I bought them both, and then they put out more the next time I was there! I haven’t seen any in a while though.)

Mine are pink, aqua, and a white one that I won in a giveaway. Here is a photo of the one I use the most, with four balls of yarn for the Baby Moderne Log Cabin blanket I’m working on:

I keep them in a large canvas bag for portability and the handle broke off on one side of this one. Considering the abuse it has taken, I’m impressed that that is the only visible wear on it.

I think yarn bowls are gorgeous, but after I used a mixing bowl, I decided I would be happy with something plain and cheap. (The mixing bowl was too heavy to be practical as well as not actually being mine. :teehee: )

Thanks for a great idea to reuse my plastic coffee canisters, GG. I’ve already stored every bit of dry consumable in my pantry that will fit with them, and every clothespin, screw and dog treat in the house. But of course, I keep bringing home coffee, so I keep accumulating the blasted things. I say they need to start selling coffee in tall skinny ones so I can use it to store spaghetti!

Here’s to one more repurposed coffee canister! :clink:

Agreed. And, when the yarn falls on the floor and “breaks” you won’t cry over it.

I would l:heart:ve to have unique handmade bowls, whether I used them for yarn or not! :wink:

Oh, sakura-panda, I have wanted some of those tubs, now I have a reason to buy them. Thank you. L:heart:ve this idea! :muah: BTW, I also l:heart:ve your user name and keep forgetting to mention it.

Don’t cry over spilt yarn? I guess if you cry on it it’s best to let it dry lest it felt while knitting. I expect if I had a nice, heavy yarn bowl I would manage to stub my toe on it resulting in breakage of toe and bowl. Even total klutzes can knit. :mrgreen:

I’m cheap and can’t see spending $100 or more on a fancy ceramic bowl. I just use a clean soup bowl out of the kitchen cabinet. That’s what Mikey from The Crochet Crowd recommends in his tutorials.

I have a girlfriend who is an art teacher who also happens to be a potter and also has her own kiln at home. She has one done for me that just needs to be fired the next time she runs the kiln. It pays to have creative and crafty friends. I’m going to make her a nice knitted scarf for her efforts.

Have not heard of the yarn bowl, so will do some research and review the links provided. I am a new knitter and just purchased a skein of yarn at Jo-ann (not my favorite store) and wonder do I need to make it into a ball??

What yarn did you buy? Usually you can knit from the ball or center pull skein as it comes from the store. If you have a hank of yarn, you’d have to wind it into a ball. HTH

what I use is a round ice cream container, hole in top covered with a large metal washer glued over the hole, both sides, so it doesn’t catch the yarn. Cheap, pretty easy to do.

This thread has provided sooooo many wonderful suggestions! [B]THANKS ladies!!![/B]

I’ve never used a yarn bowl or kept my working yarn in anything but a tote bag that holds everything I need for that project. Lately, I’ve been using the re-usable shopping bags from our local Save-A-Lot store.

I have a whole collection of tote bags that I LOVE using for my current wip’s!!!


Good Morning!
I want one of those beautiful, fancy, ceramic or wooden yarn bowls! They are gorgeous but really pricey! Unless someone wants to give one to me as a gift…HINT, HINT…:woot: , I had to improvise. After doing some research online, I copied one that I saw on Pinterest. She used regular black clips on a pyrex bowl.

I had a stoneware bowl that’s been hiding in my closet. I found some colored clips I purchased at T.J. Maxx. Voila’…and it didn’t cost me $50!!!:x:

Creative and very good looking! Well done.

Thanks salmonmac! I’d love to purchase one that I saw on Amazon but can’t rationalize the $$$! I’d rather spend it on yarn! And heck, the clips work just fine! It’ll deter my cats from chasing the loose ball of yarn around the house!
Hope you are well…