Yarn & books to sell or trade

I[i][color=violet] have 9 or 10 skeins of plymouth eros
it is a black & white ladder

11 skeins swtc pagoda [/color][/i]
[color=darkblue]books and patterns [/color]

Bouquet worsted winners 11 sweater patterns women & girls

Brunswick Boucel blends vol 813

Hard cover Vogue knitting
Designer Knits looks to be 1998
desiggns by DKNY-calvin klien vittadini- perry ellis - and more appox 6-8 designs by each VG condition

Phildar woman & children sweaters

Pingouin fun kid sweaters classic kids

Bucilla summer causals to knit & crochet


red heart crochet 25 projects

crochet primer

braid craft country kitchen patterns to braid

mcCalls needlecraft 12/92
needleworks 12/85
McCalls christmas vol 22 1985

knitting sweater patterns in Espanol
premiere Issue nimutta knitting looks to be 1984
some nice scarf patterns
a few sweaters without the dynasty look

leisure arts Best teddy bear treasury cross stitch patters

I do not have a camera ( except for my cell )

or I can scan and email or fax the covers or what you might want to see

tell me what you want to trade or pay

FYI I do not need needles have my options 2 sets

I have a couple of cast on and other mags

let me know may be I have one with the pattern you have been looking for
I also have a bunch of circs mostly boye and a bunch of strait needles