Yarn blip

So I’m knitting along and come to a place in the yarn where it looks like it was tied in a knot at the factory, like too ends are joined there. What do I do with this? Sometimes I just knit it in and it’s fine, but sometimes the knot introduces a flaw to the fabric. Of course I never come across one of these at the end of a row, where it would be easy to snip out the knot and just rejoin the yarn. Is there an easy way to hide these defects? Thanks!

I always snip them out, regardless of whether it’s at the beginning of a row or not. Some of those knots aren’t all that strong and my worry is that they’d come undone at some point.

the best way to deal with it is to rip back to the beginning of your row and join with the “new” yarn, after cutting the knot out of the yarn. it’s a PITA when it happens, but unfortunately, you deal with it. it’s just like you don’t want to do a join in the middle of a row, because, like you said, the knot causes a flaw. sorry it happened.

I find felted or Russian joins are fine in the middle of a row.