Yarn back

Okay, trying a new stitch and the pattern states:

k1, yf, sl 1 purlwise, yb

Does yb, just mean to get it back in position to knit?

That’s right!

Yes, this is yarn front-slip as to purl-yarn back.

It is a really neat way to emphasize the purl-iness because it also puts a line of yarn where the purl would be.

Makes it look really different - kind of high in the Huh? factor.


Completely High in the HUH factor. I have done several repeats of the pattern and still do not see the need for the yf, yb, since the yarn I am using does not show the stitch that clearly. I will continue to do it, because that is what the pattern says, and if I frog again the baby will be walking before I even get the blanket to her (which is very bad, because she is not even due until January 1, 2008).

You slip with the yarn in front so it makes a bar across it. Like the linen st.