Yarn and pattern suggestions

My dh had this tacky, hideous toboggan-type hat that I recently threw away in a fit of decluttering.

Now, he’s planning a ski trip, and the hat I thought he’d never miss is exactly the one he’s looking for!

So, I need to knit him a nice-looking one. :wink: I will head over to Ravelry to check out patterns, but what yarn is best for a ski hat knitting on fairly large needles (i.e., I need a quick knit!), that will keep him warm and dry. Just wool? Alpaca? A blend?

Any favorite patterns?

Animal fibers are warmest so wool, alpaca or a blend is going to be best. Consider whether it’ll be tossed in the wash and whether you want it superwash or not. :wink:

Here’s some hats in bulky yarn.

If you’re on Ravelry-