Yarn and needles ::sigh::

ok, i am using a pattern to make some wool pants for my son. the gauge should be 5 st/inch, and it says to use a size 8 needle, but i am using size 7 for a better look.

anyways, i went to a specialty yarn store, and the woman was showing me yarn that said it was for size 5 needles. it was super skinny.

i am so confused! how do i know what yarn to b uy?

what gauge does the PATTERN say you should be getting? if you want to use a 7 needle find a yarn that will get you to the gauge that the pattern states. don’t match the yarn and needles to each other, match them to the pattern. if you don’t get the gauge for the pattern you are going to run into sizing issues i think

the gauge taht the pattern says i need is 5 st/inch

The info on the yarn label is a recommendation, not a rule. If you are getting 5 stitches per inch using that yarn with size 7 needles, then you’re fine.

have you done any swatches on size 7 needles that you can use to see what weight yarn you need? I mean have you swatched some worsted or Dk or anything on 7s to see if you get 5 st/inch so you know what weight yarn you need?

see, i didnt try knitting with it yet, because its expensive yarn! lol and i want to knwo what i need before i buy, KWIM?

does the pattern specify a yarn to use or does it just suggest the gauge?

it doesnt specify a type of yarn at all…just a gauge recommendation.

i am pretty new to knitting, so im quite confused. lol

okay do you have any cheapie yarn around the house that you can test swatch on? try some worsted weight on the 7s to see what kind of gauge you get.

hopefully someone else has other suggestions too. What made you decide that you wanted to try this on 7s instead of the recommended 8s?

well, i am knitting longies, and i like they way it looks better on 7s. its a mama-made pattern, and i figure that as long as you have the gauge right, you can follow the pattern…right?

i have some fishermans brand yarn, worsted weight, but thats the weight that the lady at teh yarn store said was to thick, so i ddint even try it.
maybe i should just try it anyways… and see how it comes out.

she may be right but she doesn’t know how you knit so give it a try…knit a swatch of it and see what gauge you come up with and then you can go from there.

thanks for all the help!! :slight_smile: