Yarn and Needle Question

Hi all,
I found this lovely free pattern for a lacey scarf on knittingpatterncentral … and I have a question before I start …
The yarn they call for is a fingering weight yarn which has a ballband gauge of 30 sts = 4’ on 3mm needles.
As you can see in the pattern; they ask for size 7 (us) needles … (24 sts =4’ in pattern st on 7 needles)
… so my question is this, do lacey things require larger needles? Is it a pattern typo?
Could I use a yarn more suited to size 7 needles?

I think the size 7 needle is a typo.The yarn used in the pattern calls for a size 3mm.I would try for tension at that size and then adjust accordingly.Fingering yarn is usually knit with a small needle 2.5-3mm
It’s a really nice scarf pattern.

I wouldn’t assume a typo, lacy items [B]are[/B] usually knit on larger needles than you would for all stockinette. Since this is a scarf, not a sweater, use the larger needle. You could try a 6 if you think the 7s are too big, but you might get a smaller scarf.