Yarn and Needle Question

Hi, Everyone,

I’m a new knitter, and as such I have a few knuckleheaded questions about my first project. I would like to knit a nice chunky winter scarf…nothing too elaborate, just maybe something in a basic garter stitch. I want it to be very soft and fluffy, and I’m not sure what type (weight) of yarn and what size needles to use. Any suggestions?


You could check out scarf patterns at knittingpatterncentral.com, berroco.com or lionbrand.com. All have patts varying in level of difficulty. Find ones you like and see what kinds of yarn are called for, what sz ndls. On berroco and lionbrand you can also check out the diff types of yarns and see what they look like on projects.

Generally, you might want to look at worsted to bulky weights using ndls anywhere from 8-10. Some of the places online with fairly wide selection of yarn… Herrschners.com, Joann.com, Knitting-warehouse.com. The yarn will indicate the recommended ndl sz.


Simply go to the store and fondle the yarn. When you find one that is so soft you can’t resist, buy 250-400 yards of it (depends on the pattern you choose) and look at the needle recommendation on the lable. You can do any pattern with any yarn. Unless you’re a loose knitter, I’d go up a needles size from the lable recommendation. Usually the looser you knit, the softer the garmet.

PS - I was in AC Moore the other day and ran across this new Caron yarn that had to come home with me - it was SO SOFT!!! And you get 250 yards for $4.99!! Here’s a link to see the colors:


Oh yes Wanda, that yarn is sooo soft! LOVE it!:heart::inlove:

The local Hobby Lobby has a space marked out for it. Can’t wait to go touch it…