Yarn and mags up for sale/swap!

Here’s some stuff I’m interested in selling or swapping!

I have:

GONE: 2 skeins of Recycled Sari Silk yarn (unsure of yardage… perhaps 500 grams?) See pic below! This isn’t the exact yarn you’d get. Each skein varies because of the nature of this yarn. PM me if you want me to take a picture of mine.
1 skein Moda Dea Kickx color: Swish Lot 39
1 skein Red Heart Symphony in Taupe
1 skein Lion Brand Chenille in Purple Lot 20551.01
GONE: 2 skeins Knit Picks Dancing sock yarn (in a blue/yellow/purple/green colorway that is discontinued)

Today’s Creative Homearts September/October 2006
Bead Style July 2006
Knit n Style February 2007

Here’s what I’m looking for:
pretty much any sock yarn!
Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
ok… pretty much any books or yarn!

Do you have a picture of the recyled sari silk? What colors?


I sent you a PM!

how much for the sock yarn? i could either buy it or possibly trade it for some that i have if you are interested


umm maybe $7 for the sock yarn, which would include the shipping? Or trading for sock yarn would be fine too!

i pm’d you!!

bump new pic of sari silk yarn

Hello! I’m interested in the recycled Sari silk yarn. How does it knit up? I posted an ISO post a few hours ago…if there’s anything I have that you’d like to swap for one skein of the yarn, please let me know. If not, how much would you charge for both skeins?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s a rather thick n thin yarn, so that plays a lot in how it knits up. I used sz 8 needles when I used some to make a poncho. It is fun stuff to knit! It’s neat to see all the different combos of colors that each skein holds. I didn’t see anything on your list that I’m ISO… but I could sell the yarn for $10, including shipping.

If she’s not interested, I am :teehee:

I have sock yarn that I’d be willing to trade…I’ll have to dig around the stash to see which ones…off the top of my head, I’m thinking of some Koigu KPPPPPPPPM (I never remember how many P’s). Or I can just do the $10.

Let me know!

I’ll pass on the yarn…so it’s all yours Andrea! :happydance:

It’s lovely, but I don’t have $10 in my paypal right now, so I would have to use an e-check and those take forever, lol. But thank you for the offer! :slight_smile:

:hug: Thanks!

I’ll PM you, Beloved!