Yarn amount questions with cables/modification

Hi all!

I have been lusting over this sweater from Berroco for like a year:


The downside was the yarn requirement, wanted something luscious, but at 25 or 27 balls, affordable wasn’t fitting into the equation. A LYS here is going out of business and I managed to swipe up 21 balls of Nashua Julia, originally for the Cobblestone Sweater from IK, but the yarn has spoken to me and wants very much to be cables. :wink:

Since I’ve been lusting over this so long, of course I was considering it, but I am obviously short yarn. I posted a question about mixing dye lots, to which I got great responses to and that will remain an option because I have found it being sold online, but I had an idea that I need help with, though.

The pattern as written has that cable pattern on both the front and back. It occurred to me that I could lose the cabling on the back to conserve yarn because I know the cables are what’s eating it up, and really I think I would prefer that for fit reasons anyway and so it’s a little less busy, just a 2x2 rib or stockinette. Does anyone know any kind of calculation to figure like what percentage of that 27 balls is going into each section of the sweater? I figured what I would do is start the front, work a ball or two, and that will give me an idea, but I just don’t want to find myself in a cranky pinch so figured I’d ask. I wouldn’t be opposed to modifying the sleeve so the cable only appears down the center of the arm a la Durrow from Magknits…

Thanks so much!

I’m not sure what amount more that cabling uses. You could do 2 swatches - one in stockinette and one with cables. Then unravel them and compare yardage used. You could go up a needle size to 8 and 10 and perhaps make a smaller pattern size than you would too. That will take less stitches and slightly less yardage.