Yarn amount question

If a pattern gives you the yrds and grams needed for the yarn to use, and the number of skeins how do you find the correct yarn if you are finding yarns that list ounces and yards but not grams and yards? Just trying to figure out which yarn to use (for an afghan) so I will have enough. What is most important, the yards or ounces and grams in a skein?

Grams and yards may give you an idea of the type of yarn (fingering, worsted, bulky) but the sts per inch in stockinette stitch is usually a more reliable measure for the type of yarn your pattern is calling for. Yards are handy to tell you how much of a particular yarn to buy.

Thanks, it does say “chunky bulky” and 75% acrylic and 25% wool. I will check some out to see what sort of gauge I can find compared to the pattern. Thanks!

That fiber mix sounds like Lion’s Woolease Thick and Quick, or maybe WE Chunky. I think Plymouth Encore also comes in a bulky weight as well. Go by the total yardage used in the pattern to see how much you need to buy as a substitute.

Here’s a few common ones besides Wool-ease.

Plymouth Encore comes in multiple chunky variations all 75/25 acrylic/wool. Solid, tweed, colorspun, etc.

Patons Shetland Chunky (75/25)
Berroco Vintage Chunky (50/40/10)

Actually if you go to Ravelry and go to the yarn search you can filter to get a bunch of choices. I chose bulky, then typed in acrylic and wool.

Thanks, I did compare Patons Shetland Chuncky to the guage needed and that one is exact using the same size needle. Going to look the other yarns up mentioned too to see if I like some of the colors better. Thanks!

Plymouth Encore has really great selection of solid colors. There’s less of the tweed and colorspun, but what they have is nice.


The gauge listed for different yarns is to put them into a weight class for substitution. You might not get the very same gauge as on the yarn label, or for the pattern with that yarn. Anything that’s close will probably knit to the same gauge and you can change needle sizes.

Thanks, plus for an afghan the guage doesn’t bother me anyway, sometimes I make them longer or shorter anyway, mainly I want to be sure I get enough so I will add the amout of yards I need to be sure I have enough. Thanks for helping

Jimmy Beans has a calculator where you can input US or metric measurements, project type, and gauge. It gives you the amount of yarn you should need for the project.