Yarn advice


Anyone know what I could use instead of the Bohemian yarn for a poncho? I love the stuff but is $4.17 a pop! Need 10 balls!
I’m looking for: 8sts + 14 rows = 4"

Any advice???


where’d you see it for 4.17??? welcome to the world of…gotta have that yarn…lol…at my Michaels it generally runs 5.99 a ball…sigh…I LOVE that yarn…I think it is by far my favorite. I got some addi’s just because of that yarn…sigh…lol…talk about EXPENSIVE…

oh, and to answer your question…silly me…I should read before I send…not AFTER…

the pattern that I use, you can use any weight yarn, and you just stop knitting when it is “done”…so just try to find something similar weight.

how’s THAT for help…lol…(not much I’m sure"

Sounds like you need a bulky yarn, I would suggest trying the yarn @ www.knitpicks.com They are very reasonable and have very, very nice yarn :wink: You can give a look @ www.elann.com…their yarn is also quite inexpensive. www.lionbrand.com www.bernat.com www.berroco.com might help, too

[color=red]EDIT[/color]I looked around a bit and found this bulky chenille that may interest you, too :smiley:

Smiley’s has it for $3.99.