Yarn advice needed!


I fell in love with a pattern, and have wasted half my day at work searching for the yarn used. I have discovered that it is a New Zealand yarn. Fiber Trends is the USA distributor, but the particular yarn I am looking for is not on the Fiber Trends website, and I can’t find it on the few distributors sites I have looked at.

The yarn is http://www.naturallyyarnsnz.com/y_montage.htm in the 8ply DK weight.
Has anyone here worked with this yarn? What is it like? I really like several of the colors offered. Can you recommend yarn that will knit similarly to this one, if I can’t get my hands on this. I am really bad at figuring out yarn substitutions. My preference is for a varigated yarn, but I am not dead set on that!

I am going to be knitting the Ruffles and Ridges shawl, as seen here. http://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/V5_accessories.html
Any one with experience with this pattern?

I wish I had my Ravelry invite so I could research this all there!

Yarn substitutions [I]are[/I] hard to figure out! If you can find what weight and gauge it knits up in you can better find a substitute. There are 3 Montage yarns there so I’m not sure which one it is. They all are very different it seems. :think:

yarndex.com is a good place to get ideas, too.

Your choice of pattern is really cute. It doesn’t look very lacy, the knitted fabric looks pretty standard. The site said that the Montage 8 ply was knitted on size 3.5-4mm needles which would be American sizes 4-5. So I think that would be like a sport weight yarn.

I noticed on the pattern information that it said, “easily adjusted for other size and weights of yarn”. So hopefully it gives some clues about how to make those adjustments on the pattern. Do you have the pattern yet?

The yarn is 100% wool and reminds me of some of theNoro yarns I have seen. I think one of those might be a good substiture. Here is a site (there are many more) where this yarn is shown. I noticed it says, “Use with Fiber Trends patterns”, in the info about this yarn. Look around, I think these Noro yarns come in different weights and the one shown on this page may not be the closest one to the Montage that you could find. The one on this page says size 7 needles so it sounds a little heavier than the Montage. I have never used any of these yarns, so I don’t have any first hand experience to pass on, just trying to help.

If you do get a weight of yarn a little different than called for you will want to find a needle size that gives you a fabric you are pleased with, that has the kind of drape you would want for a shawl. If the gauge called for is not going to work for your yarn be sure you make adjustments.

What about Lorna’s Lace or Laces, something like that. I think it comes in vareigated colorways too. It’s another one I know of to check out. Good luck.

Could I take a lighter yarn and double it? Like a lace weight?

You could. Best thing to do is swatch though to make sure it comes out looking right and the right gauge.

Noro has a Silk Garden Lite that might look nice. Lorna’s Laces has some beautiful colorways, too, and is softer than the Noro.

It does look like it could be knit with just about anything, though.

I’m in NZ, let me know if there is anything I can help with, I could receive and forward it if you needed? I have never seen this in our shops but I am generally quite happy with the Naturally range I have worked with. I have never found it scratchy (as wool goes). An 8-ply is generally about 22 st/10 cm I think, and the needle size is there, but of course that depends on the fabric you want. However, a wool that has a similar needle size recommended on the label, will be the closest to this, even if you choose a very different needle size to actually use. I think almost any wool would be fine for this shawl, though, with minimal/easy modifications.

Thanks so much for all the advice. Still looking around for what I think will work! Trying to find a place in NZ that carries this, most of the wool shops there do not have websites. I have emailed the ones that do!

I was able to find the yarn on the FiberTrends website. You can order it through them and the order is passed to the nearest authorized reseller.