Yarn 4 summer chemo cap/kids

:grphug: Hi
I am sorry if this has been asked before. I have searched and just can’t seem to find an answer and hopefully someone here will have a suggestion and some time to help out.
I would like to make a knitted chemo cap for a 3 year old. :knitting: I have to have been thru chemo in summer and most of the caps were either to heavy or the lacy ones don’t cover well.
I thought about cotton and bamboo - but am concerned that they will stretch.
I want something bright and cheerful since this is a very young little girl.
If you have any suggestions on yarn and even a pattern I would be most grateful.

Here’s a few -

If you cast on less stitches (maybe 68 or 72?) this would make an adorable child’s hat-

Here’s a simple roll brim hat recipe that you can make any size-

This can be made smaller by decrease in 6 stitch increments -

A cotton or bamboo blend will be less likely to have stretching problems.

Thank you Jan
I really like that first one with the brim! So the blends don’t stretch too bad huh? that is good to know.
I just started this one with an acrylic, had to start something, was feeling real antsy … if it turns out I will be recommending and posting everywhere I can find that has a need for kids chemo cap!!!
how perfect a cap with pretend hair braids … I really wanted something FUN and joyful and I think this will do it.
I have a little niece that will look super cute in that brimmed hat you provided - I think it will be next.
Have a blessed day!

:teehee: That is a cute one! Acrylic is fine as long it’s a very soft type like Bernat Satin or Caron Simply Soft.

Bamboo is very drapey and since that’s not a good thing for a hat it’s best in a blend. I haven’t personally tested it, but I got this from other folks who have used it. Both cotton and bamboo will have less problems if knit more tightly.