Yarms for Baby

hi there,

I’m a beginning knitter and I have a new neice (5 months old) that I want to knit some stuff for.
I see all these “baby” yarns, but the colors just seem so ordinary to me! I am loving all the brilliant colors and combos of some of the new wilder yarns, but I’m also gathering that “baby” yarns have certian properties that make them especially suitable for kid stuff - washablity, softness, etc.

I guess my question is - can I use other kinds of yarn for baby stuff? What should I avoid? What would be fine?

I was also thinking that maybe I could take one of those boring pastel baby yarns and do a double strand thing with some fun fur or eyelashy stuff to give it some personality and texture. What do you guys think?


i don’t know that i would do too much stuff with funfur or anything like that since babies are so grabby and there isn’t anything more icky than fun fur in the mouth (well besides doghair maybe!)

i have the same dilema as you…i am so bored by the normal baby yarns. they are pretty but i want something more vibrant. i found a beautiful soft yarn for a hat for my new baby cousin but i am pretty sure his parents are going to shoot me cuz it has to be hand washed. that’s why it will just be a hat so the chances of it getting gross are minimized. i would check out knitpicks.com for some great vibrant colors that can be mixed and matched for a more interesting look (and at great prices!)…they have some great choices i think that won’t make you yawn!

Paton’s Look at Me is a baby yarn that has bright colors.

You can use any acrylic yarn that’s sport or dk weight for baby stuff. I think baby yarns have some nylon in them to make them a little shiny. I don’t think it’s necessary, though.

I can’t think of the name, but I have see some really bright baby yarns in my LYS…so the must be out there somewhere!

I don’t know that I would use fun fur… but I guess it wouldn’t hurt baby, so if you wanted too go for it. I would find yarn that is very easy to care for and stay away from wool. Not only for the practical reasons but wool is an extremely high allergen.

I have two criteria for yarn when I’m knitting baby stuff…SOFT and MACHINE WASHABLE. That’s about it. :wink:

Thanks everyone!

I’m going yarn shopping tonight, armed with your wisdom!
And thanks for not laughing at the big, lame typo in the subject line of my post! Or at least not laughing where I could hear…


Patons Patonyle is also okay for babies.