Yardage? Yikes!

I have a pattern I have been meaning to knit for a long time, for myself (imagine that!). I have some yarn that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, it is the Alpaca with a twist “Highlander” and is the same category and weight as the recommended “cotton ease” from the pattern. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70177.html

My beloved yarn is 145 yards whereas the cotton-ease is 207 yards. I emailed Lion and they said they did not know if 145 would be enough to complete this hat. Can anyone tell me if 145 yards is typically enough for a hat?

are you a member of ravelry? I looked up the pattern there and found 80+ people who had knit it using various yarns. Many of them said they used less then 145 yrds so I think you should be OK.