Yardage required

In general, does going down a needle size increase or decrease yardage required for a knit project?


Long story is that I started the Summer Solstice shawl by Woolenberry. Based on my gauge swatch, I went up a needle size which is pretty typical for me. I used a size 7 instead of the suggested size 6 needle. Pattern gauge is 20 stitches/4”. The pattern says 360 yards is needed of C1. I have 400 yards and ran short well before completing the last section using that color. I have started over with a size 6 needle which feels and looks better even though I get gauge with both 6 & 7 needles. I’m pretty sure I can easily modify the pattern if I run short of C1 again but am curious as to how needle size affects yardage requirements. I can’t quite wrap my brain around that one. Thanks!

I think using larger needles than suggested for a particular yarn would mean you’re using more yarn - in this case you had to make your stitches a bit bigger to match the designer’s gauge. Even if your stitches are only slightly larger, that’s still going to add up over a project, especially one that takes a large amount of yarn to start with.

That’s what I thought. I’m not using the exact yarn specified by the pattern but the yardage is more than specified. Hopefully I’ll have enough now that I’ve gone down a needle size. I just really don’t want to have to buy another $35 skein. If I do run short again I think I’ve come up with a way to modify it a bit. Thanks for your help!