XXL Acrylic Fiber gloves

I have a unique problem that i hope your community can help me with. I am tall at 6’5 and thin so my hands are long and skinny. Like… freakishly long and skinny… anyways i perform shows with LED lights on my fingertips, which are held in place by the gloves. So the fit must be perfect and tight. Problem is the nice lady that made my gloves for me has passed away and i dont know where to go cause no one was as good as her. She made me about 2 dozen in my time i knew her and she did it for a dollar a piece… i tipped her $10 a glove cause she was the nicest old lady i’ve ever met. Anyways the gloves must be white so that the lights shine through and she said she used “acylic fiber” and a little bit of spandex. SHe also started reinforcing the fingertips to help secure the led lights but thats not a must.

Where would i begin, ive searched far and wide and cant seem to find a store that sells so i need to find someone to custom make them for me.