XP: I need pattern help PLEASE!

I have a pattern question for you experienced knitters.

I purchased the Oat Couture pattern for the Heritage Baby Blanket and it’s instructions are confusing me. Of course, that’s not hard to do anyways!!

The pattern is divided up into four sections after the cast on of 211 sts. Knit 9 rows, slipping the first st of each row.

Begin Border
row 1 (rs): Sl 1, k4 p3,k3; repeat to last 8 sts, p3,k5
row 2: Sl 1, k4, k3,p3; repeat to last 8 sts, k8
row 3: repeat row 1
row 4: repeat row 2

This section pretty much goes on for 28 rows total.

Establish Inner Border
Row 1 (rs): Sl1, k4, (k3,p3) 4 times, k4, place marker purl 145, place marker, k4, (p3,k3) 4 times, k5.
Row 2: Sl1, k4, (p3,k3) 4 times, k4 slip marker, purl to marker, slip marker, k4 (k3,p3) 4 times, k5.

this section goes on for four rows

Begin Center Pattern
Row 1 (rs): Sl 1, k4 (p3,k3) 4 times, k4 slip marker p4, k1, p7 repeat btwn *'s to last 5 sts before marker, k1, p4, slip marker, k4 9k3, p3) 4 times k5

this goes for 32 rows or until piece measures about 31" from cast on edge.

End Center Pattern
Row 1(rs): Sl1, k4 (p3,k3) 4 times, k4, slip marker purl to marker slip marker, k4, (k3, p3) 4 times k5.

This goes on for four rows, then:

Proceed as follows (remove the markers on the first row):
Work rows 5 - 8 as given for border
Work rows 1 - 8 as given for border 4 times, knit 9 rows, slipping the first st of each row

Bind off all sts and weave in.

My question… I work each section in the order that it’s received… Correct? Or am I supposed to work all the row 1’s first of each section?

This is by far the hardest pattern I have ever bought.



Lexie a.k.a Sweet_Thang

It looks pretty straightforward–just follow the directions as they are written.