Xmas shopping? Share little known online gift shops

What are some of your favorite little-known online gift shops?

It’s Xmas shopping time and I like to do some of my shopping online finding neat and interesting gifts. Here’s a few of my favorite online gift shops:


Great idea. Here’s mine.



They have some really nice wahms that dye great yarn!:heart: Plus there are all kinds of artisians: glass makers, jewelry, cloth items, scrapbook stuff, stitch markers, etc.

I like it way better than Etsy :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple I like:


Pearl River

I have these bookmarked. Fun thread! :thumbsup:

Uncommon Goods
Red Envelope
West Elm
Serendipity Bath Company
Think Geek
Edmund Scientific Toys
Pristine Planet - Sustainable Wooden Toys

I shop here a lot for my girls


I forgot to add these:

Farm Chicks



Here are 2 of my favorite. They both are on helping you find that unique gift for that hard to buy for person.

I don’t shop online a lot so I don’t have any links to share, but thanks a lot for the ideas! Jan, I will definitely check Think Geek and Edmund Scientific Toys. I think I could find great gifts for my dear (geeky) boyfriend. :teehee:

Bumping this to the top so others can find it…

I recently found this shop in Manchester, I’d never noticed it before. I don’t know if it’s ‘little known’ but I love the look of some of the gifts and price ranges, and the fact that they are ‘green’ :slight_smile:


Good thread! :thumbsup:

Bits and Pieces- seriously can find something for anyone here
Cookies by Design- great for any occassion!

That’s all I can think of for now.


This was fun to do for those who remember our childhood candies fondly.

Ooooh! I love Lush! The first one I was ever in was in Paris. I wish I had known then that there was a store about an hour from me in Greenwich, CT. I would have saved some money not buying there in Euros!

Their stuff is divine!

Oh boy… My favorites as a kid were candy cigarettes :roll: and Sugar Babies.