Xmas knitting books


I noticed Webigail’s post about the Vogue Knitting book and I thought it might be fun if we listed which books we’d like for Christmas - it could also be pretty interesting to know why you chose that/those particular book(s)

Maybe in January, we could have nominations for the most useful/interesting book we came across over the holidays.

I don’t mean write whole reviews but if anything jumped out and hit you as particularly useful, new, saved you time, weird, wonderful or just downright daft. Whatever.

My two books aren’t new - ‘The Complete Book of Fair Isle Knitting’ - bySheila McGregor and

‘Knitting in Plain English’ by Maggie Righetti[color=red]*[/color]

All the Best


[color=red]*[/color] - Anyone who says: “Buttonholes can be bast…s” must be worth a read.

I’d love to get anything by Elizabeth Zimmerman or Barbara G Walker. I’d love to explore EZs methods, and Barbara Walker’s stitch libraries would satisfy my pattern stitch addiction of this knitting reincarnation. :teehee: