Xmas hot pad

Does anyone know where to get a patten for knitted Christmas hot pads?

Do you mean pads you put under hot bowls on a table or pads you grab hot bowls/pans with? You can make anything look Chrismasy with your color choices. Here’s a few links of various hot pad/pot holders. I guess they can be used kind of interchangeably. Some are pretty complicated and some are easy.


I meant the pads you put under hot bowls.
Someone showed pictures of the ones she did
Thinking ravelry was the site, but several of us
Could not find them.

One was so cute with mittens knitted in the pattern.

I don’t see any with mittens, but there are some nice ones there. I searched again using the term “trivet” and got more of that type. I like the circular ones that you can stripe. They would look like those peppermint candies! I didn’t see any mittens knitted in, but that may be one that someone did on their own with another pattern. That happens a lot.

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Great idea for Trivet! The ones I saw are at knitting paradise.com
Under pictures.

I only use Ravelry, but if you can find one you like elsewhere go for it! We’ll help if we can. :slight_smile:

I found out it is on Ravelry! It is under mitten dish cloth square.
Then click on more info and you get a bunch of charts for
The different designs. They are by Elisabeth Morino.
The ones I saw completed on knitting paradise incl the mittens
Made differently. She knit a snowflake inside them.

Very cute! Just make sure they are thick/dense enough to be used with heat if you are going to make trivets or hot pads.

Yes it does make me nervous. I may just make them as a
Cute Christmasy side table runner. That’s if I make all three.
Again more yarn to buy. Never ending. :grinning: