Xmas help

Dear Knitting friends:

Cindy is my better half. She is a daily knitter and very good at what she does.

This Xmas she would like to move into higher end needles and yarn… now I am out of my league and could use your help.

Is there anybody that can recommend needles, interchangeable cables and of course yarn.

Cindy also loves knitting with natural fabrics.

Again I am at your mercy . . . can you please help an ignorant husband?

BTW - I am proficient at making scarves . . . my Mom taught me.

Happy Knitting All…


@Darren That’s very sweet and what a lovely gift! I’m going to link tho the two sets I have. Both also come I word or nickel plated. Do you know her preference? I use both myself.

Knit Picks Options are my nickel plated needles. They also have different colors of birch.

Knitters Pride Dreams are my wood needles, but they also have metal.

Yarn is a tough one because we all have our favorites. Maybe a gift card to a yarn store might be nice.

Ty Jan_in_CA

Thank you for replying. So through some “covert” conversation lol… Cindy does not like Bamboo needles for most projects. I have found out she likes a more pointed needle and would prefer a wire cable between the needles…Please help…she knows she is getting knitting stuff. My goal is to surprise her with quality and something she did not expect.

Again…thank you for the help…


I just learned that the needles she uses depends on the yarn being used. Like I said . . . she prefers natural materials. (i.e. sheep or alpaca wool.)

Brave man! These kinds of things are so very personal that my first reaction is to tell you just to get a gift card to Knit Picks or Webs and let her go wild. Which would be far easier than reading the novel below. :laughing:

I have Knitter’s Pride Dreamz as well and love them. Note that they are birch, not bamboo. Plus, Webs is a delight to deal with should things go wrong with them. They’re pretty much the same as the Knit Picks ones, just less expensive. I don’t particularly care for metal needles and work almost exclusively with animal fibers like your wife. (See, personal.) So I can’t speak to any of the metal versions but can vouch for the brand overall.

Three others that come up a lot, especially for those who like metal are Addi Clicks, Chiagoo and Hiya. I do have a couple of fixed in the last two, but can’t say anything special about them. They get the job done. Whee. Hiya makes some stainless steel sharps that come in fixed and interchangeable, but I’m not sure what kind of cable they have. I believe Addi also has some sharps. Definitely do not recommend Boye. I have a set of those and the needles are too long for small projects and the cables super stiff. (Which is a personal thing again.) Actually, if you’re looking for nicer stuff, Boye, Denise, Clover and Susan Bates should not be on your list.

I love, love, love having interchangables, but they aren’t for everyone. As add ons, consider getting a couple of extra cables in different lengths. I also have the connectors so I could connect different cables to get a longer one. (I’m pretty sure I have enough cables to go down my whole block!) Since I mostly knit hats, I have about five 16" cables, then one or two of other lengths. Addi, Knit Picks and Knitter’s Pride all have kind of sample sets that would let you try out just a few sizes.

What kinds of things does she normally knit? Are we talking about yarn to make lace shawls or bulky cowls or just for her to play with? Sweater quantities or just a few balls of different things? Does she have a specific project she wants to make that you can buy the yarn for? (The idea of buying sweater yarn for someone without knowing exactly what they want makes me break out in sweats!)

Colourmart is a good place to get sweater quantities of finer yarns in lighter weights - extra fine merino, cashmere, etc. They come on cones and are good quality. Knit Picks has been adding to its fancier yarns in recent years - lots more alpaca and merino and silk. I have friends who adore the Chroma and City Tweed, while I love the Gloss and Capra. (Note, I mostly knit in workhorse wools, so that would be the Wool of the Andes at KP. Love it as well.) And it’s fairly easy to get to $50 for free shipping there.

Webs is currently having a 30% off on Noro, which is fairly high end. (I can’t stand the coloring, but the yarn is great.) They carry lots of different brands, and I frequently browse through the closeout stuff just to grab new things to try. (I see they have Techno in there again. Awesome yarn.) Other upscale brands with rabid fans that they carry would be Madelinetosh, Dream in Color and Malabrigo. SweetGeorgia, Spud & Cloe, Juniper Moon and Wool and the Gang all have nice merinos as well. Valley Yarns is their house brand, and it’s quite good quality. I have friends who adore the Berkshire bulky. You could build a nice collection of single skeins for her to try out.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End. :slight_smile:

Can highly recommend the Hiya sharps, they come in stainless steel and have a nylon cable. Little things like point protectors, snips etc. are always useful as well.

The better needles like the ones I suggested have flexible cables with little memory if any. This is important so that you can easily do magic loop knitting and then have the cable go back to normal. I don’t know what they are made of. Actual wire would break under stress eventually I’d think. I would think she means the flexible, non memory cables. Cheap needles like you get at craft stores have a nylon like cable that is annoying and can stay twisted which is what she’s probably trying to avoid.

So…everyone has their favorites of course so you won’t get consensus on one brand if that’s what you’re looking for. :wink: I also use both birch and nickel plated depending on the yarn which is why I have one of each. These are the ones most talked about and loved by members here and elsewhere. Read the info on them and if there are comments check those. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Knitter’s Pride
Hiya Hiya
Knit Picks

If you’re really looking to splash out you could look at Signatures, but they are £££s though!

I have a couple friends who bought them and had problems and were disappointed. For that much money they should do the dishes and clean the bathroom.


Are you in the UK or US? If UK there are some lovely yarns to be had at Blacker Yarns, Posh Yarns… there are lots to choose from.Just google Hand Painted Yarn and the choice is all yours, wherever you are :slight_smile:
About a year ago I bought a set of metal Addi Click Long Lace interchangeables as my first set of circulars, having used straight needles all my life and knowing I prefer metal to bamboo or wood. I like their ease of use but I’m not fond of their cords which, I’m finding, are too springy( apparently you can heat them in warm water to relax them but I haven’t tried this yet) Hope this helps and btw you are a STAR

Would be nice if they could pull a “Molly Weasley” and knit by themselves when necessary :joy:

That would be very handy!!

Do you have a LYS you could visit or that she could go to get higher end yarns and needles? As I got into higher end needles and yarn my hubby just bought me very generous gift certificates to cover my every wish (almost). As I spent more time there he was able to talk to the owner and she knew what I liked so he had her order me a ball winder and swift (still one of my top 3 gifts from him).

As for needles I am a big fan of Addi and a recent convert to HiyaHiya which have a better price point. I have yet to use any interchangeables I like so I just buy 42" and do a lot of magic loop or use circulars.

I am another who recommends Knit Picks yarns and needles. I am a self taught knitter and recently started back knitting after raising my three children. Found out that there were better needles and techniques . I buy yarn from Knit picks because it is so reasonable in price and as long as I spend 50.00, I get free shipping.