Xmas gift, done!

I made this for a friend. As usual, my camera just can’t seem to capture the color, but it’s a rich chocolate brown Wool Ease afghan/throw. (The first picture is with flash, the second one is without.) I used size 13 needles. It’s about 4’ x 5’. I made it dark because my friend’s dog is dark (so the dog hair won’t show!) I’m happy it’s done, now I can get on with other things! :woot:

Very Nice. I just love cables!!!:cheering:

That’s really pretty!

very pretty - I love the cables.

[SIZE=7]Magnificent! :thumbsup:[/SIZE]

Great job! It turned out beautiful!!! I can relate to wanting finish a big project - I still have an afghan sitting around yelling at me because it’s been neglected too long.