XBox 360 knitting group (slightly OT?)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to know what everyone would think about this. Pretty soon XBox 360 will be coming out with a camera and video chat functions. It looks like a lot of us are gamers or have SO’s that have 360s. So anyway, I was wondering if the idea has ever been brought up to start up an XBox 360 knitting group when the camera comes out. There could be a designated time maybe once a week or more for everyone to log into a video chat and show off wips and talk while knitting, etc. Just like a local knitting group, except for global.

Anybody interested?

Couldn’t we just do the same with webcams right now?

This is true! I don’t have one right now, but I would sooo get one if anybody else would be interested! I miss having the connection with other knitters like I used to have when we had a S&B group in my area.

I would so do this!

My webcam sucks, but I think it would still be fun. What a neat idea. :slight_smile: