so I’m working a pattern. my row starts:

slip one purlwise with yarn in front. knit 2.

my question is, do I keep the yarn in front when I knit the next stitch? because that gives me a sort of… crazy criss-cross yarn over. and if so, do I use the crazy criss-cross yo as a new stitch on the next row? or was the pattern-writer just being redundant- since generally when you slip a purl stitch the yarn is in front, and I should put it back in the back to knit my next stitch?

thank you so much in advance!

I am not the most knowledgable person on this forum, but I believe you just keep the yarn in front for the slip stitch, the K2 as you would normally.

Ginny is correct. You move the yarn back to the back for the knits.

thank you both so much.

I’m knitting my first lace pattern. it’s a scarf. with mohair. :o! so wish me luck.

don’tcha just love it when these instruction writers leave out important stuff, and you sit there, wondering what’s supposed to happen next?
That’s what my “can you hear me screaming” post was about. I looked at the photos, and in one photo, only yellow yarn, next photo. POOF! blue yarn appeared!
I didn’t know, at the time, how to attach yarn using a slip knot.