Wyif vs yfwd help

I’m trying to make the brocade stripe square from Lucinda Gandertons patchwork blanket in the Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazines, but I’m a little confused with a couple of the rows:

Row 6: k2, [wyif, sl 1, yb, k1] 11 times, k1

Row 10: k1, [yfwd, sl 1, yb, k1] 12 times

I think I understand that the yfwd increases the stitches, but there’s no indication that its an increase, nor any decrease, so I’m a little confused on the difference and what I’m meant to be doing.

I hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I usually knit freely without ready patterns so I am not the best to person to comment on this problem but in this case I think both means the same: to take the yarn between the needles forward (as when purling) and then to just slip one stitch and after that taking the yarn back (as when knitting).

I don’t think these are increases. I think it means you are creating a small “bar” of yarn across your work. Does that seem right when you look at the photo of the brocade section?

If you can post a photo of the blanket that would help.