Wyib question

First timer here.
Working on my third pair of socks but first with a pattern.
Coming up on the heel flap and need a little shove.
The row is: P3,*sl1 wyib, K1, rep from * to last 4 sts, sl 1, K3.
Ok, after P3 do I sl1 as if to P (needle in front) then put the yarn in back and K1 then sl1 as if to K (needle in back) ??
KC in North GA Mtns

Hi and welcome to KH!!

wyib means to hold the yarn to the back as you slip the stitch…so after you Purl 3 then you will put the yarn to the back and slip the st purl wise (needle in the front but yarn in the back) and then K1 :thumbsup:

When you do slip sts like these, you always slip as if to purl which has nothing to do with where the yarn is. The other instruction, wyib, tells you where to put the yarn. On other patterns, you might see sl 1 wyif, so you slip a st purlwise but with the yarn in front.

When they write out the instructions they should say WYIB, Slip1…not backwards. The yarn has to be placed before sliping a stitch. I find a lot of those pattern mistakes for some reason.

It’s not a mistake, it’s just an older way of writing it, and it’s very common in many pattern to write it as sl 1 wyib/wyif.