Wyib, purl 1

Help! How do I do this direction listed above? The directions for the entire round were:

wyib, s1kw, wyib, purl 1


Any help would b gladly appreciated!

Is that the entire row, or is there more in the beginning? The wyib would refer to the slip st, not the purl st. “s1kw wyib, p1” is probaby how it should read.

The instructions for the row are just as I listed…I guess I should just assume a mistake was made in the instructions…I just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t some stitch that I didn’t know. Thanks for your help!

You wouldn’t happen to be knitting Classic Cap by Amanda Keeys would you? Just come across the same problem. I’m 99% sure it should be “wyib s1kw, wyif p1” to match row 4. There are a few more errors in this pattern (having looked on Ravelry) so if it does just so happen you’re knitting the same thing as me, take a look there. :slight_smile: