ok blanket pattern, line says

row 5 K4, (k16 wy2m, k8) six times, k16 wy2m, k4.

I get it all except wy2m (which basically means I don’t get it LMAO), anyone know what that means?

:?? That’s a new one on me, too.

Wrap yarn 2 [color=red]M[/color]'s? I don’t know what the m is for.

There are not instructions in the beginning of the pattern that says what the abbreviations mean or what the patterns stitch says.

Is there a link to the pattern? Maybe if we can see what the blanket looks like we can get an idea of what to do.

I’m very curious now…I, too, would like to see the pattern!

Maybe it’s Wrap Yarn to Make Two? Or Wrap Yarn To Make (to=2?)

:figureditout: That may be it! Is it a dropped stitch pattern?

OMG LMAO how dumb do I feel, the pattern is in a book and down the bottom of the first page it says what it means and even gives a page number for another page that has photo demonstrations of how it is done HAHAHAHAHAHA :roflhard: thanks for helping the doofus (AKA Me)

So what does it mean? :slight_smile:

LMAO see told you I was a doofus hehehe ok well it is actually wy2rn (see what happens when you read in the dark? lol :teehee: ) it means "winding yarn twice round needle.

I scanned a picture from the book of the blanket to show you the blanket is the cream coloured one, the purple is a cushion

rn makes more sense!