WWKIP - I am going to be in London!

I just found this post on the WWKIP site: http://worldwidekipday.blogspot.com/

I was trying to figure out just where in London I was going to celebrate! I am hoping it will not be to hard to get to from our hotel. I am going to have my KidsKnit group at school take pictures of themselves KIP for a bulletin board when school starts in the fall … How cool will I be KIP in London!!

I will be in Lisbon, Portugal a few days before we go to London and still can’t find any information about http://www.portugalvirtual.pt/0/013908dat1.html
Has anyone ever visited a Yarn Mill before?

[b][color=indigo]sigh and i will be knitting in public in Clarion Iowa…somehow that just doesn’t seem as glamorous…lol

buuuuuuut i will be surrounded by teddy bear artists and their bears so it’s a trade off! :wink:

how fun for you!![/color] [color=green]color me jealous!! :)[/color][/b]

That sounds so neat. Knitting in London. I’ll be knitting in Stroudsburg.