WV Mittens

I finished my 2nd project for the Ravelympics. I wanted to design a pair of mittens for JD (dh). I figured that would be a challenge :teehee:

I did have to frog the first one several (many) times before I could finally get the thumb right, the design to his liking, and then the top decreases (he wanted a square)…in the end all that matters is he likes them and will wear them :rofl:

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Woo in Navy and Gold
Needle: Size 6 Magic Looped
pattern: My own

Great job Dustina!!! Way to go. If he agreed to wear them, that is an added bonus to the fact that they look fantastic!

Great work Dustina.

Very nice!:heart:

I love them! I come from a family of Mountaineers. Dh and my oldest son are going to some of the football games this year. (Younger son and I will watch from the comfort of the family room!)

Great job!!!

Wow, those are awesome!

I don’t use the word awesome very often, but those truly are. Your husband will have the coolest warm hands at the game.

That is the word i was looking for ! Awesome!

:hug: Thanks Everyone!!

:woohoo: Another WVU fan! DH goes to most of the games too and I’m going to one with him this year :yay:

That look fantastic!! and what an added bonus that DH will wear them!!!

Good job!

You should be very proud (and DH too) that you designed these yourself. Great job on the WV and on the requested square finger tips. Perfect for wearing to the games.

WONDERFUL WORK! I just love the color combo, too! Way to go!