WV Knitters

Anyone out there from WV? I live in the northern part. 40 miles south of Wheeling.

I’m originally from WV…my family is still there. My mom and several of her friends knit but we are from the New River Gorge Area…:happydance:

New River Gorge. Love it. Beautiful area. Where are you now?

We are in OH right now…but we go home as much as we can.
Are you on ravelry? There is a WV groupand you may find some knitters closer to you there.

Hi! I’m up in Fairmont. Do you go to any of the knitting meetups?

Waving atcha from near Moundsville, but on the Ohio side of the river!

I’m about 20 miles north of wheeling - let me know

I’m in the Eastern Panhandle…Harpers Ferry, or more specifically in Shannondale.

Hi everyone,

Anyone near Burlington, Keyser, Romney, or Moorefield area?:x:

I’m in Garrett County, MD which is a half hour east of Morgantown. So I am not far from Keyser or Fairmont.