Wuv You Alan Dart baby toys

Oh, I love Alan Dart ('s patterns)!!

You made those? Cute.

Yes, Ma’am! His patterns are every easy to follow. I still have a pink Kitten with a Mitten to make.

They’re adorable and you did such a good job!:yay: :yay:

Adorable toys! :yay: Thank you for the referral to more toy patterns, I’m always on the lookout for those. :muah:

Aw, cute! What kind of yarn is it?

Wow! Those are fantastic. They look store bought from a distance, but I bet up close you can see the hand knit perfection of them!

Who is (are) the lucky recipient(s)?

Very sweet little toys!

Those are precious! I will have to check the patterns out and see about doing some for the granddaughter>

The yarn is called Snowflake by Sirdar. It is a bit stiff to knit with, but very soft!

I just gave one to a little girl in my first grade class-her mom had a baby boy over the holidays. Sophia picked the bear.

When you go to his site–it’s addictive!!!

OMG Totally amazing! Those all look so far beyond my abilities, but maybe someday. Lucky PIG, I’d love to do Lucky Pig. What does Price £2.50 translate into for USD? Anyone know?

It’s, like, $3.90 or something ridiculous like that. And, seriously, his directions are very easy to follow.

Indeed it is addictive…Amazing toys! Love’em, love 'em, love 'em! :heart:

Absolutely adorable. My favorite Alan Dart is this gorgeous pattern for a yorkie he has. I, of course, am prejudiced as I have a yorkie, but the pattern is just soooo cute.

Oh how darling! And they look sooo soft, too! Great work!

They are so sweet . Well done .

Adoralbe toys. Thanks very much for posting the link to the designer’s website.

The toys are amazing, he is a true artist. Some of the patterns are 40 pages long according to the website.