WTB Kidsilk Haze Lord 593


Dear forum members, I started a project many years ago when I lived in London and now that I’m in Australia I thought I would finish it (I’m sure that’s a familiar tale … maybe not emigrating, but certainly restarting a long-forgotten project!). Unfortunately I’ve lost a piece of the cardigan I was knitting, and all I need to finish it is enough of the Rowan Kidsilk Haze Lord 593 to cast on about 300 stitches to make a cardigan front. Hoping someone somewhere has this yarn and would be willing to sell it to me (cost and postage covered obviously). The pattern is Elizabeth, knitted in the maroon and blue featured in the pattern pictures. Nothing ventured, nothing gained … so hoping someone is out there with enough of this to allow me to finally finish my project!! Regards, Sandra Korres (NSW, Australia)


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Have you tried Ravelry? Even when the yarn is listed as not for sale it’s worth asking since some people don’t change this default setting.
Good for you for finishing up this project and good luck with the yarn search.


Thanks for the tip, and the search link! I joined Ravelry (and coincidentally Ravelry is being featured as I write on one of our breakfast TV shows here in Sydney, Australia!!!). I’ve messaged the two that have it for sale … fingers crossed! It would be a miracle if I get this project finished after starting it before I moved to Australia in 2005.

Kind regards


Sandra Korres

Ph 0410 162205