WTB Interweave Knits summer 2007 magazine

Hi all - I’d like to find a copy of the Interweave Knits 2007 summer magazine. If you have a copy will you please let me know cost ppd. I have funded paypal.

i have one - they’re still in bookstores ya know.

I’ve checked my bookstores locally and none have it - they all already have the fall one.

Not everywhere because I looked, too. A member finally was able to help me out. A week later I did find one at Tall Mouse. If your bookstore doesn’t have any try a few craft stores and see if they have any.

Hey Jan - I tried those too!

I tried Michaels & Hobby Lobby and Borders. That’s all we have here locally besides JoAnns - I’ll check them tomorrow.

I’ve also emailed interweave knits to see if I can purchase a single issue but haven’t heard back from them yet.

hopefully someone will have one or interweave knits will sell just one

You don’t need to wait for a reply. They do sell back issues. If I hadn’t gotten a response here that was my next move. :wink:

ETA: I just realized that I didn’t need IK, it was Vogue Knits (which I got). However, the link I gave you still stands.:doh:

thank you Jan!!!

Sorry, I haven’t been checking the boards recently. Do you still need this? I know I have an extra copy somewheres around here…

yes I haven’t bought a copy yet -

at least now I know that I can get it from Interweave Knits if I need to but if you have an extra copy you can email me or PM me - not sure how this board works yet since I’ve not been here a lot -

if you need feedback for me though I can give you several knitting or cloth diapering boards I’m on