WSpu3 (what does this mean?)

I want to knit the “Dolpin Bay Eyelet Baby Top” at but can’t figure out how to knit the “WSpu3” in the pattern. Caron gives a one-line description of it in the patterns’s Special Terms section, which leaves me baffled. This stitch is used in the right and left back sections. Would appreciate your help.

Oh boy! :doh: What a strange configuration!

Well the Term WSpu3 means[B] [U]W[/U][/B]rong[U][B] S[/B][/U]ide[B] [U]p[/U][/B]ick[B] [U]u[/U][/B]p[B] [U]3[/U][/B]…that we know.

So the language continues: Wrong Side pick up 3 diagonally in the horizontal strands between knit stitches. The “horizontal strands” are the bars between knits, used in the Make1 increases in ‘sane’ patterns.

But the tricky part is “pick up 3 [U]diagonally[/U]”…so I guess that means like this??

Do you think so? Have you tried that? :??

After picking up these 3 diagonally situated bars…you are ‘lead to’ the next stitch to be knit. Yes? If you’ve dipped down into 2 previous knit rows in order to satisfy the diagonal pickup…it would seem that you are now going to knit the next stitch in a previously knit row! :eyes:

I wish I was more help! My suggestion is: keep tinkering around with it. Try this and try that. I think the maneuver has to do with the lacey yoke, yes? :shrug:

Oy. :doh: